Practice Areas

We excel in the drafting, interpretation, management and engrossment of various banking Documents including Debentures Mortgages, Bonds, Indemnities, Loans and Deed of Release and Surrender. We act as facilitators and also provide legal framework for securities in shipping and Oil & Gas transactions

Our team is composed of Lawyers with established track record in Corporate Governance practice. We advise companies, boards of Directors, Board Committee, shareholders, and managers on international Best Practices in corporate governance. We interface with regulators and government agencies on behalf of our corporate clients. The firm has attorneys who are members of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & administrators of Nigeria (ICSAN).

As Chartered Secretaries, we conduct pre and post-incorporation activities on behalf of clients, including prepare and file Annual Returns on behalf of our clients. We also act as advisers to Regulatory Agencies and Commissions in Nigeria.

Our competence in this area covers copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, Patents and Designs, Utility Models and EC Competition. We have a team of experts who specialise in drafting patent specifications and registering trade marks on behalf of our clients around the world. Sapphire & Breckinridge is one of the foremost Accredited Trademark, Patents and Designs firms by the Industrial Property Office of the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment.

We have team of experienced lawyers who are dedicated to research and advocacy. We have represented individuals, companies, corporations and the state in high profile Court Cases around Nigeria. Sapphire & Breckinridge has conducted several civil, criminal, matrimonial, employment and probate matters in various courts in Nigeria.

Sapphire & Breckinridge has over the years, acquired a strong competence in Maritime Law and Shipping. With a well-equipped on-line Library as well as experts in maritime law, the firm is better positioned for the challenges in the Maritime and Shipping industry.

We have acquired excellence in the search, preparation, documentation and Perfection of Deeds of conveyance, mortgages, leases and sub-leases, powers of Attorney, Deeds of discharge and all other land transactions.

We are experienced in advisory on entertainment law. Our team of experienced lawyers is available to assist in the negotiation, drafting, review and litigation on all matters relating the entertainment industry. With our wide knowledge in corporate governance and intellectual property law, we have become well positioned as advisors of choice on sports law in Nigeria

Sapphire & Breckinridge have handled major aspects of ADR issues and represented clients at both the Multi-Door Court House and the Court of Arbitration.

We advise both employers and employees on labour and employment matters. We employ ADR and excellent negotiation skills in solving labour disputes between parties. Our labour dispute litigation experience covers unfair discrimination at workplace, unlawful termination, protection of confidential business information and covenants in restraints of trades